Case Study

The Interact Store

Seto Marketing and The Interact Store began working together in order to grow their digital marketing. Having a website that wasn't serving it's purpose, The Interact Store needed a new one. Establishing strategies to sell to residential and commercial clients and provide monthly service was important to them.

Cleaning In Action Old Website
The Interact Store Old Website

The Challenge

New Website

The Interact Store had a website that wasn't generating any sales. The website didn't properly list their services and had mismatching information. After being left in the wind by their previous web designer, The Interact Store needed someone they could trust to not only redesign the website but boost sales.

The Solution

Website Redesign

The Interact Store needed to sell to Residential and Commercial clients. They had lots of packages and products that their customers could choose from. Seto Marketing created a website that accurately displayed these services and promoted features that their competitors weren't advertising.

The Interact Store Website on Desktop, Laptop, and Mobile
The Interact Store New Website


Packages & Services

Creating website pages and graphics so The Interact Store sales team can use to sell their product and services. When the website and sales team are working in conjunction with each other, sales increase.


Increase Brand Awareness

By promoting their services on social media, The Interact Store was able to increase their reach and effectiveness for their service. Advertising deals and promotions to select demographics helps narrow down their target audience and increase conversion rates.


Email Marketing

With each customer comes an opportunity for recurrent and new business. Whether it is promoting new products or informing customers of the benefits of their current service, these different Email Marketing services boots sales and increase customer retention rates.

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