Case Study

Northern 99

Northern 99 needed an update on their previous website and re brand to something completely different. They contacted us to help with a new style guide as well as a simple website.

Cleaning In Action Old Website
Northern 99 Old Website

The Challenge

Outdated Style

Being in the business for over 30 years, Northern 99 are experts in their field. They needed a website that not only demonstrated that but also look updated and had a cool style.

The Solution

New Website, New Brand

Rebranding their previous company into a modern fresh business while maintaining their expertise was our goal with this project. Providing a simple page and narrowing the scope of their service, their website provides all the information that their clients need.

Northern 99 New Website displayed on a computer, laptop and phone
Northern 99 New Website


Style Guide

Providing a professional style guide that the company can follow helps increase the professionalism within the brand. From their logo to their font choices, all of these were provided to them and displayed in all their marketing material.


Branded Emails

There is a huge importance in having a branded an email. Not only does it help with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) it helps establish your company as a brand customers can trust.


Customized Graphics

Working with mock ups and creating graphics that Northern 99 could use to show to their clients helped increase sales. From hockey jersey mock ups to business card mock ups we help our clients see what the final results are going to be.

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