Case Study

Emergency 24/7 Construction

Emergency 24/7 Construction started working with Seto Marketing in order to establish a digital marketing plan. With years of experience in the industry, Emergency 24/7 Construction felt it was time to start leveraging their trust and credibility to the online market.

Cleaning In Action Old Website

The Challenge

Competitive Industry

Residential and Commercial Trade Services are competitive fields. In order to breakthrough the market, the marketing plan needed to have components that could compete with long standing services but also effectively establish themselves as their own unique business.

The Solution

Building The Website

To build Emergency 24/7 Construction's website we used bold colours and friendly font. Offering 24/7 services allowed us to compete with other services by providing convenience. We wanted to display this throughout the website and with the logo. Whether it was calling or filling out a form, customers can have access to a reputable service.

Emergency 24/7 Website Mockup
Emergency 24/7 Construction New Website


Past Clients

Having worked in the industry for multiple years, it is important to show Commercial Clients they have worked with before. We use a carousel slider to show off these companies as well as testimonials as well.


Search Engine Optimization

Using SEO strategies to compete in the tough market, Emergency 24/7 Construction was able to cut through the competition through specific services. This further paved the way to target more competitive keywords and generate more sales.


Commercial Clients

A part of the marketing strategy included ways to secure commercial business. This included creating info graphics and pitch material they could use to attract commercial clients.

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