How To Grow Your Window Washing Business in 2022

1.  Growing Your Window Cleaning Business in 2022

Most window washing companies grow their company through word-of-mouth and any service company will tell you that this is the most important aspect when it comes to running a successful window cleaning company.

Word-Of-Mouth referrals are built off:

  1. High-Quality Work

  2. Customer Satisfaction

Each of these takes time to hone and practice but by putting these factors as a priority, your customers will recognize them and you will get:

  1. Glowing Reviews

  2. Return Customers

  3. New Referred Customers

What we at Seto Marketing want you to do is to re-think Word-Of-Mouth referrals. Instead of Word-Of-Mouth referrals as the sole lead generator (getting new clients) we want you to think of it as a multiplier.

For example, for every client you get, the client will tell their friends or family about you. These friends will reach out to your business and so-on. This means 1 customer + 2 (word of mouth referral) = 3 clients for every 1 customer.

Because Word-Of-Mouth referrals are a multiplier and not every customer refers another customer, if you don't have another source of lead generation, growth can be slow albeit you'll have a loyal clientele.

Instead, you need to have something that works to bring in new clients in high quantities (100's at a time).

*Most window washing companies offer other services as well. These tips can apply to those as well, read more below.

2.  Website

Your website should be your #1 Digital Marketing Asset. It should be your #1 sales tool that not only helps you bring in customers but also drives visitors to take the action you want them to take (e.g. call you, email you).

There are 1000's of people searching online for window washing companies. Capturing those customers by having a website that ranks on the first page of search engines (e.g. Google) and converting them to actual clients will allow you to grow your business much faster.

With the use of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques and by creating a user experience that promotes action, you can get 100's-1000's of visitors every month.

Let's first cover how to make your website better which leads to more conversions (e.g. contact form fill outs, phone calls, estimates).

Website Interaction

If you get a lot of Word-Of-Mouth referrals, you probably have a lot of good reviews and pictures to show.

Let's create a user experience that allows them to see exactly what you do and what they are going to expect from your service.

Slider Tool

Being able to see a Before-and-After a window cleaning will help your customers see the streak-free results.

Here is an example of a Slider Tool that allows you to show off your work.

It's simple yet effective. Seeing is believing!

Popover Tool

Gaining a competitive advantage over your competitors is hard. Demonstrating and convincing customers why they should choose you over the competition is even harder.

Using a Popover Tool we can effectively communicate to clients the things that make your service unique and special.

Customers will have peace of mind about the quality of the work you do as they trust that you have already communicated the steps you take to achieve the best results.
100% Enviornmentally Friendly!
Clean Window Tracks!
Brighten Rooms. Allow More Sunlight In!


Reviews can be the extra thing you need to help instill trust with potential customers. Just like how Word-Of-Mouth is effective, reviews are the same! Better to come from someone else's mouth than your own!

Showing off the countless glowing reviews you get from customers will help show that your business is professional and the type of experience the client is going to receive.

"I had Window Cleaning Company come and clean my windows today and I have to say I was very impressed. The lead technician (Jerry) was very nice, extremely professional and did an amazing job cleaning my windows. He worked hard the entire time he was here. We definitely plan to keep you guys in mind for future cleaning projects. Great job!"

Lisa Smith
Google Review

3.  How To Rank Higher On Google

Now that our website not only looks fantastic but also promotes clients to take action, we have to get people clicking on our website.

The best way to do this is to increase our ranking on search engines like Google.

To do this requires some knowledge of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Creating pages and posts about topics surrounding window cleaning will help prove to customers and to Google that you are the expert on window washing.

When you appear higher in the search results, 100's of customers will click on your website where they will be treated by your 24/7 salesperson (your website) and will trust you for their next job.

There are multiple factors to increasing your ranking on Google and it is often best you do your research or reach out to a marketing professional (like Seto Marketing) as it is often described as a science.

Other Services

If you are like most window washing companies, you provide other services as well such as gutter cleaning, power washing, and other exterior cleaning services.

For each service, you want to apply the tips above and doing so will help your website substantially and increase your credibility.

These projects will also start to become multi-service projects which increase the total costs of the project and in turn increase your profits.

Commercial Work

Commercial work can lead to huge projects ($10,000+) which make these clients very important. They are extremely hard to reach out to which makes them few and far between. They are looking for credible companies that do the job right with the least amount of problems in between.

By having a website that has interactive elements as well as reviews from past clients, you will find you will start to receive inquiries for commercial work and bigger projects.

These projects are not only more time-effective for you but also a huge boost in pay compared to residential clients. They can turn into biannual cleans which can have a positive financial impact on your business.

4.  Conclusion

Instead of growing 2-5 customers at a time with Word-Of-Mouth referrals, you can grow much faster with 100's of customers at a time with a well-designed and crafted website.

With more customers looking online for their service provider, having a website that can be seen by customers and as well as converts can be the make or break of a successful year.

Here is just an example of our clients who started working with us through the pandemic in a competitive window washing field.
Window Cleaning Website Growth 1 year
They are a local family-owned company that had a website that was bringing in no clients but had excellent reviews and word-of-mouth referrals.

This year they are expecting to break last year's profit as they are getting 100's of unique visitors to their website every month and those are converting to more customers through Word-Of-Mouth referrals.

If you are looking for a company that is experienced in creating effective websites that have helped window washing clients like yours, grow their business, then look no further than Seto Marketing.

We work with clients of all sizes and understand the financial difficulties of owning your own business.

We can come up with a cost-effective plan to help you grow your business into the one that you know it can be.

Fill out a contact form or give us a call and we can show you a plan to grow your business the right way in 2022.