Facebook Ads 2022

Running a business on Facebook in 2022 is different then it was in 2021. There have a been a few changes that every business owner with a Facebook Page should know about.

Promoting your Facebook Page is more difficult then be for and you may have even seen changes to your results because of this.

Although this is becoming more challenging, Facebook is still a great way to market your business.
In order to succeed on Facebook, it is more important then ever to have an effective Facebook strategy.

Changes With Facebook

Facebook has slowly been changing over the past few years. The total amount of users has slightly decreased on Facebook.
Everyday there are still millions of users on Facebook. It is important to know the changes that are happening and how they impact your business.
Facebook Pages
Many business owners have noticed sharp declines in their Facebook Page engagement and views. In the past, posts from your Facebook Page would be seen by 50%-100% of your followers.
Today this number is down to 10%-25%. If your business relied on your Facebook Page to generate business, this could have severely impacted you.
What Your Facebook Page Should Be Used For
Currently Facebook is prioritizing sponsored posts and pages over displaying your Facebook Page and Posts.

Because this is happening, we need to shift the way we use Facebook Pages.

Your Facebook Page should be used as another method of adding credibility and establishing trust with your customers. Posting pictures and videos of your product or service are a great way for customers to understand your business.

This doesn’t mean promoting you can’t promote products and services on Facebook and see results. It means that you have to get your Page followers up so that more customers have the opportunity to see your product.

We recommend at least 1,000 Followers* to your Business Page. You can do this organically or you can do it through engaging Facebook Page Ads (our recommendation).
*Side note, this also helps build customer trust as well!

Afterwards you can advertise End of Funnel (EOF) posts on your Facebook Page.

Though it is a free form of advertising you need, as we mentioned before, a high follower count and highly engaging Facebook Posts.

We recommend always posting pictures and videos as they have proven to do better than regular posts.
Facebook on Phone showing Follow Like Share

Facebook Ads 2022

We recommend Facebook Ads as a way of combating the decrease in your Facebook Page and Post visibility.
Facebook Ads allows you to get in front of customers and get immediate results (e.g. phone calls, form completions, website visits).

We find Image and Video posts perform the best for ads.

Compared to the previous years, Global Ad Spend on Facebook as increased.

Because of this Cost Per Click (CPC) has increased.

There is still lots of value of Facebook Ads as Click Through Rate (CTR) has remained stable.

It is more valuable though to have an optimized strategy as CPC is increasing.
Things To Avoid With Your Facebook Ads
  • No Image or Video
  • No Split Testing & Dynamic Creative
  • Too small/Too Big of budget
  • No Audience Creation
  • No Lookalike Audiences
  • Testing than one Variable at a time
  • No Facebook Pixel Tracking
Creating Winning Ads

Ads that are considered a “Winner” are something you should look out for. Here are just some characteristics of what we consider a Winning Ad looks like:

  • Cost Per Click (CPC) under $1
  • Click Through Rate (CTR) over 2%
  • Cost Per Lead (CPL) less than $10

Although this is just a general list and there are a lot more statistics we consider when we look at ads, this is a good rule of thumb when running Facebook Ads.

Once you have these winning ads, you can slowly increase the budget. There more strategies and optimization techniques you need to have in place in order to decrease your CPC, increase your CTR and decrease your CPL.

Overtime you can work on more long-term strategies and increase your Customer Lifetime Value (CLV). By improving these metrics, you improve the value of each lead and customer you get.

Facebook Ads Conclusion

There are lots of factors to consider when running Facebook Ads and in 2022 it is even more important to use Facebook Ads if you want to grow your business on this platform.

If Facebook Ads aren’t setup properly you will have Ads that don’t work. They can be extremely costly with very few results.

Our team at Seto Marketing can help you not only setup Facebook Ads, monitor them, and optimize your campaigns to get you the best value for your Ad spend. We want results just as much as you which is why we treat each Ad as if it were our own.

Get a free consultation and start growing your business on Facebook today!

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